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Rent a scooter
All our services
All our services
Bike, scooter and sport equipment rental

- Enjoy your life in the city with our scooters. We offer you a unique opportunity how to get rid of traffic jams and how to end up with everyday problems with parking in the centre of Brno.
- Do not wait for buses, trolleybuses or trams. Travel as you wish with our scooters.
You will get this by hiring our scooter:
- a scooter with the capacity of 50ccm
- we deliver and pick up our scooter to/at the public transport station set by you from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Other places and times can be negotiated.
- hiring a helmet 
- compulsory equipment
- a chain locker and a luggage box
Hire the cheapest and the fastest means of transport!
Motorbike, scooter and mountain bike rental in Brno


News for year 2010
We offer you a comfortable scooter for two people, with a four-cycle engine, friendly to environment, suitable especially for side roads, for owners af a driving licence group B and A.
All scooters are new, in a good  technical state and checked before every usage.
What else can you get:  
- hiring a helmet and other equipment
- motorcycle delivery to a set place
- picking up a motorcycle from the final place of your trip
- restaurant reservation, accommodation booking for a several-day trip
- luggage transport for the large groups by an escort vehicle
- other service due to the client´s needs
Our motorbike rental allows you to park your car in the garage of the motorbike rental during your trip.
1 day        450,- Kč/ per a day
2 days        400,- Kč/ per a day
3 days        380,- Kč/ per a day
4 and more days  individually negotiated
Driver´s helmet is included in the price of a motorbike rental.
pillion-driver´s helmet              70,- Kč/ per a day
refundable deposit *        5.000,- Kč
 VAT is included.
*  No cash needed, all major credit cards accepted. After returning the motorbike the deposit will be send back to your account or paid back casch.